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 Our garden, like many gardens in the UK is a work in progress, we try and get as much done as we can when the weather is good which can be infrequent at the best of times although this year we wanted to make it as child friend, colourful and a space we can all enjoy.

Before having Baby G my eldest and I spent each month preparing our vegetable patch, growing seedlings in our greenhouse and having a bumper year last summer although we have taken a break from that this year simply due to the fact my youngest loves our plants little bit too much but hugging them a bit to hard or pulling out our potatoes way to early so instead we decided to focus on making is a place to play and have fun.

outdoor furniture

We initially had my repurposed table and chairs on the decking but Baby G kept climbing up those and onto the table so decided to move them to the other end of the garden and instead put these beautiful deck chairs from Habitat, which is a perfect choice as both boys love lying on them and also I can sit and relax with a book while the kids run around. We know the decking needs to be power cleaned which is something we plan to do in the next few weeks but really pleased with this injecting of colour from the wonderful fabric seating print. 

We have been longtime fans of Habitat even after it left the hughstreet it's still very easy to get your chic fix from their website and everything is so well made with a real focus on design. They have some really beautiful folding garden chairs for sale at the moment for £25 so the time is now to pick those last minute bits and bobs for the garden, especially if your planning some al fresco parties or gatherings while the evenings are wonderfully warm. 

french doors


We have also planted a few wild flowers, sunflowers and kept up a small potato patch and the ivy is starting to grow up our creepers. We also have some brambles coming over our wall from next door which has caused a lot of excitement as now the blackberries are starting to ripen and each day the boys pick a few to eat. We have placed a small bug house and top up our bird feeders to try and encourage as much wildlife into our garden and every now and then we also get to spot our resident slowworms. 

outdoor furniture

colourful garden

 Even though summer has felt little bit stop start I have to say that this time of the year when everything is in bloom and the landscape becomes an array of different colours it's certainly my favourite. We are really hoping for lots more warm evenings spent outside this August and September  as well as a few bbq's. Have you updated your outdoor space this year?


Thanks to habitat for gifting us the deck chairs for our mini garden makeover 


  1. I love the idea of planting wild flowers! Gardening is something I really wish I enjoyed as they look gorgeous during the summer months.


  2. Those deck chairs are just such a cute addition to your garden.

  3. Love the chairs, but that gorgeous little chubby fella is definitely stealing the spotlight!! xx

  4. I love those deck chairs! We haven't done much in the garden this summer but we need to brighten it up!

  5. Love the deck chairs! Fab colours. Our garden is most definitely a work in progress at the moment! It's not easy to get things done when you have little ones! We are growing sunflowers this year again, plus tomato plants. It's so lovely for children to be able to see them growing and help water them etc. X

  6. Those chairs are super. Being pregnant though, I can't get in our out of such a beast, and have to sit cross legged on the floor in our garden at the moment. Hey ho - as least I'm outside, which, in this weather, is fine by me! The boys are looking so happy and healthy, too!

  7. It looks great, really sweet and summery and how cute do the boys look? Nice for them to enjoy the outdoor space too xx

  8. It looks great! Really sweet and summery and nice for the boys to enjoy it too xx

  9. The boys are growing up so fast!! love the chairs x

  10. looks lovely - those chairs are great!


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