Sooo I am not a huge Valentines person, well not in the whole cheesy way, but I do like to celebrate a day of showing people how much they mean to you and to just love those around you. So my partner and I decided to go for a nice meal the night before Valentines day, and it was lovely and quite, with great food, wonderful wine and even better Mint Tea. We went to a place called Mina's, on City Road in Cardiff, it's always busy (due to the excellent north african food), but we got there at 7pm which is quite early and missed the rush. Had some lovely mezza's - pitte and hummus, falafle, tahini and such wonderful things.
Valentines morning was also spent chilling out to some sweet fruit and pancakes and champagne (ofcourse haha) and I am in love with the little candle lantern my partner got for me.


  1. Happy Vday! A bit too late but it is better late than never. :) Glad you had a great day with your partner, I did too :P

    Off-topic: You asked me for link ex. :) Well, linked yah up! :D Let me know when you're done linking me up :)

  2. Looking good - this post and the whole blog!
    I hope you had a great Valentines day.
    Anyways - I'm following you, if you like my blog I would love it if you would follow me back!
    Keep in touch,
    Jacob founder of Fashion Ranger

  3. I'm liking your pictures and it sounds nice and low key!


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