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Well I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post (about a week and a half!) too long I know but it's mainly been because of my time being occupied by going to view and purchase a car - which is far more time consuming than one thinks and the other by getting enrolled for my final year of my photographic studies - once again far more time consuming than needs be. Anyway between this all,  last weekend I discovered a new espresso bar in Cardiff city centre - now I am usually oppose any "Mall or Store" cafes, but the one in John Lewis has such great views above the streets below and interesting triangle design with floor to ceiling windows I have to give the thumbs up and plus they make really good coffee and tasty meals like the tomato bruschetta I demolished and the goats cheese and beetroot salad - yum yum!

 So anyway back to the car dilemma, I love love love vintage/retro cars. I used to have a 1982 mini which never let me down, always started first time and who I miss dearly. Before that, when I was living in Cape Town I drove a 1978 beetle - what a fun car to drive and I hey I don't mind the noise it makes. So it's disappointing that I had to settle for a Nissan Sunny - although hopefully this is just a temporary car until the funds allow another mini. Oh and how I do wish I could drive through the streets of Paris in a fiat 500 or a convertible with the wind in my hair listening to dream french tunes and flowers in my hair...hmmm.But it made me think of Europe and it's cars and the fashion at the time and I am totally inspired by these images.

I love the last photo, it's so stylistic and everything seems to have its place.
Another one of my favourite everyday clothing companies, that also happens to be having a sale (oh lucky me) is Ben Sherman. I love their Mod inspired clothing and reminds me of my mini driving days so well.  I want and need the following items!

So I am getting some photos developed soon and lots more little tales and adventures and such to post - yey, free time is a virtue :)


  1. Bonjour Laura!
    Congrats on your enrollment and the new vehicle as well. You would look so elegant in a vintage Fiat-you must begin saving for it. We both have the same dream where vehicles are concerned: convertible with the wind blowing through our tresses-but mine in the manner of Grace Kelly via To Catch a Thief. (A great movie for the car enthusiast)
    Hope all is well and glad you posted-say hello to your lovely boyfriend, cheers!

  2. yay your back! i enjoyed all of these photos!

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