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Seaside Music Love

First of all what a busy week (hence lack of posts), I love bank holidays and long weekends and getting out the city. I have been to many small towns and villages throughout the UK but it was a first proper stop at the costal town of Tenby...and what a beautiful, sea-gull infested and burnt bodies filled day. Also I am bringing back Tune in Thursday as I haven’t done a music post in a while even though I do prefer to look to musicians who rock an individual style for inspiration ( as oppose to main-stream celebs). But to the point I am in love with this song at the moment...The Rambling Man by Laura Marling. It's not like a catchy Pop tune but it's just beautiful lyrics sung by a beautifully talented girl. It reminds me of nostalgia and looking back on the good times you have had...festivals, summer days relaxing with a book and mellow low-key nights where not much has to be said. Also she has a great casual style, and I am liking her newly dyed brown hair.

So on Monday I celebrated the bank holiday with a true British the seaside...the welsh seaside to be exact. Well sunny days are few and far between here, so I was not going to let a day go, so we hopped onto the train for a relaxing 2hr trip...well it was relaxing for me but perhaps my other half didn't see it that way as he was nursing a hangover and sleep deprivation (no sympathy from me, may I add).  Well it was packed with all the elements needed for such a day out....steak and ale pie (not mine!), coffee in a pottery cafe, soda and ice-cream, sea and sand....and a knitted got to love that :) Also in love with the hipstamatic application on the iphone.


  1. What a gorgeous little town! I'm absolutely in love with Great Britain (have been since I was about ten) and pics like this always put a smile on my face (and make me a wee bit envious because I'm not there at the very moment...). Must have been a lovely day!

  2. Wonderful pictures, and such a great music choice!

  3. I am digging this song :)

  4. i want that cake... on a bank holiday. yum, and a day off.

  5. i love all things on this blog..its awesome

  6. I adore music and I love this post. That cake looks delicious. Happy Sunday;-)

  7. i love day trips :-) the pic of the knitted cake is fab!

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  9. Loved Tenby when I went recently - isn't the harbour area lovely?!!

  10. Your day sounds perfect. We have a long weekend coming up here in the States (our Independence Day)and I can hardly wait. We'll take part in a big party but I'd love to have a day to explore somewhere cool.

    I am loving the Laura Marling tune. The only song I think I've heard from her is Ghosts, which is also good. I've been doing a Tunes I Like Tuesday on my blog and may have to "borrow" her. Thanks!


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