Denim Day's


For some reason I am loving wearing shirts at the moment.....and this is another thicker (better for the coming winter) shirt and I simply love denim. This was just a casual outfit for photography school. Shirt - W Collection, Necklace - House of Fraser, White vest - Bodens, Black Jeans - Next, Shoes - The Office


  1. I know this is going to sound like a completely irrelevant question, but I'll ask anyway: how tall are you?

    I'm short, so as I look at some of the outfits you've posted, I try to imagine how well something similar would translate onto my own frame. Sorry, I know it's a weird thing to ask, but I'm always looking for new things to try but would rather not crash and burn in the attempt. ;-)

    Oh, and happy SITS Sharefest!

  2. Hey Christina....that's not a strange question...infact I think it's very relevant, especially when trying new styles.
    I am infact very short...I'm just under 5ft - so like 4ft11 ish - I think that about 150cm.

    I hope this helps. I am going to be posting two more outfits in the next day or two which are abit more dress up/edgy

    Laura xxx

  3. You have lovely style! I love the shirt (:


  4. Great casual look...I love the necklace and denim never goes out of style so great choice.


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