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Tinkerer box

Like all parents, I want to encourage a love of learning in my children and to bring learning into the home. Tinkerer is on a quest to inspire children's creative confidence and give them the right tools to explore Science and Art safely in the home through their monthly STEM boxes. 

Founded by two engineers, Stephen and Elaine who are parents themselves, who wanted to help nature the desire for children to learn and grow independently and together Tinkerer was born. 

The monthly boxes provide everything your children need to dive into hands-on projects that are educational, fun and challenging. There are three different boxes depending on your children's age, which ensures they are offered projects that are within their capabilities but still stretch their creative thinking.  

Wonder boxes for 3-5yr olds, Odyssey for 6-8yr olds and Explore for 9-12yr olds. Each box comes includes a fun theme, quality materials, an educational magazine and step-by-step instructions for children to be able to follow independently. 

STEM box

My boys were sent the Explore box which contained a kit to build a child-friendly repeating crossbow along with a fantastic magazine that not only delved into the science behind the crossbow but also the evolution and history of the crossbow, along with a story of William Tell and how Crossbow Kinestics work. The boys worked completely independently on their project and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, especially as the instructions are visually lead which also made it easier for my one son who has dyslexia. 

As a parent I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the materials and that while it was within the boys capabilities, it did offer a challenge and took time for them to put to together. The magazine is also fun but very educational and printed on thick paper, as are the instructions and it was all packed in a strong and robust box. 

You can purchase one-off boxes but the best value is to go for a monthly subscription as low as £17.80 per month with free UK shipping. If your children love science or you want to encourage their curiosity then the Tinkerer boxes are fantastic. 

craft box

We were kindly sent a box to review, words and thoughts my own. 


  1. This is such a great way to get kids excited about learning! I have to get this for my kids.

  2. This is so cool. As a homeschooler I love boxes like this, they always add in a little extra fun.

  3. We tried out the car loop Tinkerer kit and it was fantastic! Neat to see another kit and hear how your family got on with it.

  4. My kids always loved learning new things, especially science. My grandaughter is just the same. Will have a look for these

  5. I think DIY stem kits like this are brilliant for kids. My youngest as just started to out grow his interest in these now.

  6. I am always trying new and innovative ways to engage my kids and get them drawn more to science. This is an amazing idea...

  7. A very cool way to infuse learning and entertainment. Looks like a fun kit for the kiddos!

  8. I'm always looking for fun and educational activities to do with my kids at home, and the Tinkerer boxes sound like an absolute gem.

  9. I'm always looking for fun and educational activities to do with my kids at home, and the Tinkerer boxes sound like an absolute gem.

  10. This sounds like an interesting STEM product for kids. There are so many great educational products available. I think my son would enjoy the Tinkerer kit. He does love making/building things.

  11. I think things like this are great to bring in a bit of fun to STEM projects and learning. I didn't do anything like this as a kid, maybe I'd have liked science more if I did x



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