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I've been lucky enough to have travelled regularly since I was young, it went hand in hand with growing up with an ex-pat mum and having family halfway around the world. My passion for travel only grew as I entered my twenties and spent over 2yrs working and travelling across Europe and solo interrailing. Even my time in the UK has seen me live in Edinburgh for 18 months and Cornwall for a year before settling in Wales. 

Since having kids my love for travel hasn't changed, if anything I want to show them this beautiful world and wild outdoor spaces before we potentially lose them. I live very much by the ethos of leave no trace and I don't tend to pick up souvenirs when travelling except the odd postcard, so being able to see, track, wear and share our travel milestones together with El Camino has been great, it's the perfect sentimental gift for those who live for travel. 

So what is El Camino exactly

It's the original travel bracelet and ultimate keepsake, handmade right here in the UK and are currently worn by over 78,000 travel lovers. You can customise your bracelet, necklace or anklet and add the Countries and Cities you have ticked off your bucket list as well as Seas, Oceans, Regions, Animals and custom steps. 

For my El Camino bracelet, I decided to make a "family bracelet" and added countries the kids and I have visited together as well as oceans we have travelled on and regions. The kids and I have already ticked off 11 countries and cannot wait to add more to the bracelet which has already become very sentimental and meaningful to me and I really hope we add many adventures to it together before the kids grow up and head out on their own adventures. 

If you are looking for something truly unique to document your travels then El Camino is a fantastic wearable way to do that. 

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  1. These bracelets look fantastic and perfect for travel keepsakes!! I know my daughter would love this!
    Jessie x


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