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It's getting harder and harder to pull kids' attention away from screens these days but here are 3 things that are guaranteed to do that and are well worth the small investment (they also make great birthday gifts). While screens can be very educational as well as fun, we all know that children need a balance of both indoor and outdoor play. Here are 3 things I have tried and tested with my boys, so I know they work and in all honesty, they are fun for all ages so even adults can relive their childhood days as well. 

1. Den Kit

Who doesn't love building a den? It taps into that real sense of adventure, building and independence and kids love it. My boys have used their den kit so much over the past few years and it's still going strong. What is great about these kits is that it brings people together, siblings can have a go at putting up their own den or parents can lend a hand as well. Once it's up it's great on a summer day, my boys each have their lunch and supper inside their den and have hours of fun as it really helps to spark the imagination. 

They also learn useful skills such as choosing the right place to build their den, what tools they need for the job, planning and ensuring they have supports for the tent cover and using the wooden mallet safely and effectively. 

Den kit

2. Trampoline 

If you have the space then investing in a well-made trampoline can bring years of joy and outdoor play. You will also be pleased to hear that most step-ups today have improved safety features and enclosures, which are essential and as standard with 6ft and 8ft models. The magic of a trampoline lies in it's ability to captivate children's attention for hours and can offer an array of activities, games and challenges as it combines both creative and physical challenges.  For smaller gardens, the compact 6ft trampoline with enclosure is an ideal choice and its enduring appeal makes it a great asset, especially during school breaks and summer holidays as well as when they have friends over. 

Beyond the obvious joy trampolines bring, they are also powerful tools for promoting physical health. Regular use helps children improve their cardiovascular fitness, enhances balance and coordination, and strengthens the body's core and limbs. For those with more space, you could go for the 8ft trampoline with enclosure which is large enough to grow with you child and even adults can have a go. Of course, it goes without saying that adult supervision is a must as well as being aware of basic health and safety before using a trampoline. 


3. Binoculars and a birdwatching log

What is great about binoculars is how portable they are and kids love using them! You will be surprised how fun birdwatching is even for young children and total beginners and it's something my boys and I do together. Having a purpose when we go outdoors gives a real incentive and something to look forward too rather than just an aimless walk - if I incorporate things like bird watching, bug hunting and geocaching they are far more receptive to wanting to spend time outdoors. 

You also don't need a really expensive pair to start with - we have a basic pair we picked up from Go Outdoors for around £15 as a starting point. It also means they they can get knocked about when we are outdoors and it's not the end of the world. We also have a copy of The National Trust Bird Spotter book which is great for beginners and children to get excited about identifying birds we find in the UK. 

Of course, there are lots of other ideas when it comes to getting children outdoors but these are three that have worked well for me and while we should always aim to keep things simple having a few tools to help encourage children to spend more time outdoors is never a bad thing. 



  1. We got a trampoline and it is fantastic! Then we got a UFO swing - the kids now spend a lot of summer outside. Thank you for these other ideas.

  2. Trampolines really are the best! I had one growing up and me and my sister loved jumping and flipping on it every day! Love this!

  3. We had all of these when the kids were younger but now they are tweens it is hard to get them outside!

  4. Trampolines are the best. Even the grown kids like those.

  5. I am loving this and these are fabulous ways to get the kids off of the tech and outdoors! It is still a little too cold here but once the weather breaks I for sure will try and get everyone up and outdoors. I love reading in my hammock and the idea of a den outdoors for the kids is genius.

  6. Kids love trampoline. They are the best for kids. Den Kit, Binoculars and a birdwatching log are good items to develop love for birds and nature from the beginning in kids.


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