Ethical Fashion Choices for Supporting Pride



Most people know that Pride/LGBTQ month starts in June and all the festivities that go along with it and is a great time to support the community whether are a part of it or an Ally. If you and your friends are going to a local Pride festival or parade are you thinking about what you are going to wear? It’s an exciting celebration to be a part of for all ages and many have quieter family-friendly areas. Fun, fashion, colour, music and friendship are all a part of the Pride celebrations.

If you are thinking about an outfit for Pride, or just want to build a wardrobe that supports the LGBTQ+ community,  such as a portion of your purchases going to a local lgbtq charity, artist, designer or creator, you need to think about the impact of your fashion and whether or not your fashion choices are sustainable and ethical.

What is sustainable and ethical fashion?

Sustainable and ethical fashion refers to clothing that has been made with the environment and textiles industry workers in mind. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact and the exploitation of its workers. This is why it is important that brands start to take responsibility for their impact and find ways to lessen their adverse impacts.

There are so many ways that fashion brands can make a difference in relation to social justice and the environment. These ways include:

Paying their employees a fair wage
Making sure their factories are safe and comply with safety regulations
Recycling or using older clothes to create new garments or styles
Raising awareness of important social and environmental issues on their brand’s social media
Avoiding greenwashing and organising volunteering events
Donating to charities
Supporting small independent businesses
Using recyclable materials in packaging and clothing

Small changes can mean a lot when it comes to making our planet a better place to live. This is why it is so important that we do our best to challenge fashion brands that do not take responsibility for their products.


Fashion and Pride

The community plays a large part in the fashion industry, but when Pride month comes around, this community does end up experiencing something similar to greenwashing, which is where a business announces it is more eco-friendly than it actually is. This is known as rainbow washing.

Rainbow washing is where a business tries to make its fashion or overall brand look like it supports the LGBTQ+ community, but only explicitly for Pride month. Many fashion brands try to do this during Pride month and will advertise rainbow or related products, in hopes of selling more.

Unfortunately, a lot of these companies do produce a lot of environmental waste and do not necessarily fairly employ their workers. So, not only are they taking away business from LGBTQ+-run businesses, but they are also exploiting their employees and causing a lot of environmental damage.

It is important that we call out these companies when we see that they are rainbow-washing. For instance, some fast-fashion brands outsource their Pride-related materials from Turkey, China or Myanmar. These are countries that do have laws in place that discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community. So, it is important to not support brands that effectively endorse, condone, or excuse this type of behaviour.

Supporting Local Businesses

Nowadays, there are many smaller businesses for fashion that are related to Pride and are run by people in the community. It is important to let the community represent its own brand. By supporting LGBTQ+ local businesses in your area, you can make a difference and support the community as an ally.

A lot of these businesses try to produce ethical and sustainable fashion, some of which would be perfect for Pride! So, make sure to research your area carefully to find the right brand for you.

Are you ready to build your sustainable and ethical wardrobe for Pride?

Honestly, it can be really tempting to buy clothes online without doing much research into them. You want to look your best and stand out during Pride. Expression means a lot to people and you deserve to feel comfortable, however, it is also important that your clothing comes from the right brands that are sustainable and ethical.

There is LGBTQ+ Pride clothing for everyone and you deserve to feel good while you wear it. So, make your fashion choices count and do your part for supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


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