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Exploring Coity Castle, Bridgend, Wales

Coity Castle

Coity Castle, an impressive ruin standing in the centre of Coity village, close to the town of Bridgend, South Wales, is well worth a visit. After more than 2yrs of extensive repairs and undergoing major conservation works, it's looking better than ever. 

What is the history of Coity Castle?

This castle has a rather interesting history (as most Welsh castles do) which can be seen in its ruins of jumbled architectural styles. Having begun as an earthwork castle around AD 1100, although some historians think there may have been a Roman fort here before. The stone keep and curtain wall was then added later, sometime in the late 12th century, before being expanded even further in the 14th century and then again in the 15th century after Owain Glynd┼Ár laid siege. 

The siege lasted nearly 2yrs and despite Owain's successes elsewhere, the owners of Coity managed to withstand his assault, this was the most historical event associated with Coity Castle and its 900yr existence. However very little is known about the exact details of the siege as no detailed account was ever published and most of the historical records of Glamorgan in the middle ages have mostly disappeared. 

The castle was eventually abandoned during the 17th century, having seen a peak of luxury in the Tudor times & 16th century, the ruins are now in the care of Cadw and there is still plenty to see and explore. 

Coity Castle

Why visit Coity Castle?

Despite now being a ruin there are still plenty of noteworthy features and both children and adults alike will find a visit here interesting and educational.  The impressive East gate, which opens towards Coity castle, with its draw bridge over what would have been a moat and curtain wall around the outer bailey, still stands today, along with parts of the ornate annexe where you can see the remains of what would have been windows, fireplaces of the upper floors and ruins of eight ribbed vaults. 

This castle really helps to give us an insight into the past and my children always enjoy a visit here. There is a large central green space where kids can run off some energy and the castle is also dog friendly, although you do need to keep your dog on a lead. 

Entrance to the castle is free and is open daily between 10am-4pm.

There is a small car park just outside the castle, with space for around 2/3 cars, otherwise, you can find parking in the village and walk up. There is no toilet here although there are plenty at McArthur Glen Shopping centre which is only a few minutes' drive away. The space is fairly flat although may be uneven in some areas. 

Coity Castle

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