6 Unique Outdoor Experiences in Southern Wales


Cardiff Castle

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South Wales is the perfect base for getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature and it's packed with hidden gems, waterfalls and mountain trails suitable for all ages and skills. It's well known for the Brecon Beacons, the Wales Coastal path and lots of Castles but there is even more that awaits you in this part of Wales and I thought I would share 5 truly unique experiences to try in South Wales that will get your outdoors, in the fresh air in a really positive and fun way and all of these suggestions are perfect for the whole family, if you want to get the kids invovled as well. 

Wild foraging

1. Try Wild Foraging 

Wales is a haven for foragers as we have an abundance of woodland, meadows and coastline to explore but of course you need to go with someone who is knowledgable about the local area and knows what is safe to pick and safe to eat. There are a variety of foraging workshops across South Wales that will teach you about wild food life, how to identify wild edibles and their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Gourmet Gatherings, based in Monmouth offers a guided tour along the Severen Estuary, with it's hedgerows and meadows, it's a great way to explore the local area while learning something new. 


2. Go Stargazing with an Astronomy Adventure

Have you heard of Dark Skies Wales and Astro tourism? Well it's a thing and Wales is the perfect base for an astronomy adventure. While much of the UK is affected by light pollution, here in Wales we have an abundance of places that are perfect due to their rural location and allow you. to expierence the natural wonders under dark skies. If you decide to try out an evening with Dark Skies Wales you can expect to be guided by experts to learn the basics of astronomy, spot different constellations and comfortable find your way around the night sky.


3. Have a go at Carp Fishing

Have you ever thought about giving fishing a go? Well South Wales has a variety of natural and well stocked locations such as Cefn Mably lakes, which is perfect for carp fishing in a safe environment. Places like Dyffryn Springs offer tuition for all ages, from complete novices to those who just want to improve a certain skill. This is a great way to spend a few hours outdoors, even if you don't catch anything it's relaxing to be by the water and is a great family activity.  

food truck

4.  Go on a tasty foodie tour of Cardiff

Cardiff is a melting pot of influences when it comes to the local foodie scene and if your looking for a tasty way to explore the city then why not go on a Cardiff tasting tour which not only takes you to local cafes, street food vendors and Cardiff market but you also pass key landmarks in the city such as Cardiff Castle, Principaliy Stadium and the beautiful Bute Park. This tour combines exploring the city, the outdoors as well as some of the best foodie spots in the city. 


5. Get wild with a bushcraft course

Many of us have heard of forest schools for children but what about doing a bushcraft course for adults? The Brecon Beacons and a variety of locations in South Wales are perfect for reconneting with nature and learning key survival skills such as shelter building, fire lighting and wilderness cooking. You can also make it a family affair with family bushcraft camp workshops, I've done something similar with my kids in Wales and they loved it. 

mountain biking

6. Have a go at Mountain Biking

Wales is actually world renowned when it comes to their Moutnain Bike trails and while there are many advanced runs there are also a lot of beginner locations for those just dipping their toe into the adrenaline sport. I recently took my eldest son for an action packed day at Dare Valley Gravity Bike Park in Dare Valley Park which has a free to use pump track and two fantastic beginner blue runs which are also free to use although you can opt to pay for the Uplift and they also offer bike hire on site. You don't need any particular skills except that you fell confident riding a bike. 

So if you are looking for something a little different or want to try out a new skill then South Wale is a great base


  1. I heard a ton about Wales but never been!!! The greenery and the scenery omg I can't wait to explore it, can't wait.

    1. Hey Chad, it's a really awesome country to explore and not very big so you can see a lot over a few days! You should definitely visit one day

  2. I did not know that about the mountain bike trails. There must be some really stunning trails to experience.

    1. The mountain bike trails are so good - there are so many here in South Wales but the Aberdare ones are great for kids and beginner adults

  3. Stragazing sounds like a lot of fun. I've not been to Wales in a long time, but would love to go back and explore more x

  4. So many of these ideas are great for becoming one with nature! Lovely ideas.


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