Own a home? Even if you travel a lot you need to keep your gutters maintained


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If you own a home, even if you are not there all year round, it will require essential and routine maintenance to keep it in good liveable condition. If you leave your roof to deteriorate, the garden to go unreasonably wild and exterior paint to peel and chip then you may have some expensive repair bills headed your way... and a drastically reduced value of your home. 

However, one piece of home maintenance tends to be ignored or forgotten – the gutter system. It can be an "out of sight, out of mind" task that could quickly result in some massive restoration costs. 

How Often Should you Clean Out the Gutters?

Experts across the nation agree that you should clean the gutters at least twice per year, and more as needed to prevent debris and junk from accumulating in that one overlooked feature that prevents so many common home issues. 

The Best Time of the Year to Clean Out Your Gutters

The best use for homeowners to clean out their gutters is after leaves have fallen as we move into Autumn and the colder months. Leaves begin to fall around the October time frame and continue until approximately mid-November. The autumn season is the perfect time for a good gutter and downspout cleaning.

It’s also a great idea to have the gutters cleaned during the spring season, seeing you through all of the summer and those possible summer downfalls where you want to ensure you have good drainage.

Cleaning Out Your Gutters Prevents Massive Repair Costs

Maintaining and cleaning gutters prolongs the life of a variety of home features, including the crucial drainage system. When gutters are unkempt for long periods of time, leaves, branches, twigs, seeds, leaves, dirt, and dust build-up and prevent rainwater and roof runoff from being diverted away from the home.

Gutters harboring extra weight can loosen the connection between the gutter and the home’s fascia, allowing water to penetrate under roofing shingles. Waterlogged roofing material decays more rapidly, eventually leading to roof repairs or replacement, which can cost upwards of ten thousand.

When water overflows from gutters toward the foundation, homeowners face soaking wet walls, water damage, foundation instability, and even mold and mildew, which can lead to respiratory illnesses.

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How to DIY clean your gutter

Cleaning your gutters can be hard work, especially if you have left it for a long time (another reason to be on top of gutter maintenance). You will likely need a ladder, bucket and garden trowel (or something to scoop up the leaves and debris) as well as work gloves to protect your hands and possibly a high-pressure washing system. It can be quite time-consuming as you don't want to rush into it, rather a slow approach is better, removing small amounts of leaves at a time into the bucket. 

Not Ready to Tackle Your Own DIY Gutter Cleaning?

If your gutters are too high, you don't have the right equipment or you just really value your relaxation time and don’t want to spend it cleaning gutters around their homes, then of course you can call in the professionals. If you do go down that route then make sure to use a trusted 
seasoned gutter cleaning company who will inspect your gutter system for any damage, make the necessary small repairs, and leave your gutters in pristine condition.

Leave your worries behind about the potential for stacking costs due to water damage by creating a spring/fall maintenance plan that no longer requires homeowners to remember to call and schedule an appointment with a gutter cleaning expert. They’ll take care of it while you worry about living life.

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