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Are you hitting the road and heading to some of the best cities in the UK this summer? Excited to be exploring all the cultural sites of London? The art and fashion scene of Manchester or the fantastic street food in Birmingham? The UK is so diverse and has some incredible cities that offer great staycation and city breaks or even longer holiday, in fact, I'm hoping to take the kids to London for a week over the summer as I personally find 1 or 2 days simply isn't long enough to explore this vibrant city. 

The thing is whenever I travel with my kids I like to travel as light as possible, it's no fun navigating train stations, public transport, airports etc with loads of luggage especially when I am often travelling on my own with both kids & I usually have to carry not only my luggage but also theirs. So we pack light! I make sure we only enough clothes for each day and perhaps one spare t-shirt or trousers but that's it, so when we go away for more than 3/4 days I try to source somewhere to do laundry which helps to keep our bags as light as possible.

This isn't always as easy as it sounds as there are not as many "do it yourself" laundrymats around as their used to be, plus it's time consuming & can take away from time you rather spend exploring a new place and with hotel dry cleaning is being so costly that isn't a great option either. I also find even when you are staying in a self-catering facility such as an Airbnb they don't always have washing machines as standard. 

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Well, Laundryheap fills that gap and makes having your clothes cleaned a breeze no matter if your visiting a city for the first time or have just moved there and are not yet set up with your own washing machine and best of all it fits around your lifestyle. Laundryheap collects your clothes and gets your laundry back to you within 24hrs, all at an affordable price. What is also unique about Laundryheap is that it's a sustainable business that uses zero-emission delivery vehicles and efficient water use to provide an ethical and sustainable business. 

Next time I head to London I will definately trying out the service first hand and it's great knowing I can sort out a collection time in advance and they will come to my hotel, airbnb etc, so no having to wait around for hours, which makes is such a great stress-free option when you are travelling, freeing up essential time to explore the city.



  1. I love love love the idea. We travel a lot, a service like that would be prefect, very convenient.

  2. The collection and delivery are topnotch services. I would love to get the services of Laundryheap.

  3. Anything that helps with laundry is a-okay in my book! I know my mom used to love to do laundry. I didn't inherit that, lol

  4. awesome idea! so convenient. it definitely is important to be able to do laundry when on a longer trip. When I was doing long cycling trips we often asked cycling community if anyone could help us. such service is definitely a huge benefit and less trouble.

  5. I could totally use this service!

  6. They do collection and delivery services? Wow. I definitely look into this.

  7. We might be traveling to UK soon so yes, this is good to know. We'll definitely consider their service. Happy that they offer fast turnaround at an affordable rate. Thank you for sharing this.


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