Why you should head to the spa while your on holiday


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Spas are an incredibly popular way to relax. Many of us head to a spa with our friends to celebrate a special occasion. Or on our own to get some much-needed rest after a stressful period at work. It can be a great way to treat yourself and catch up with the people that you love but might not usually have time to see. But how about heading to a spa while you are on holiday?

You might think that spending a day in the spa during a trip is a waste of time. You might have plans for your trip and be keen to do and see as much as possible, and spending the day in the spa might not fit into these plans. But, visiting a spa has many advantages, and could be an easy way to make your trip even better.

To Give Yourself Time

How often do you take time for yourself? In everyday life, it’s something that few of us have time for, but it’s essential. Taking time away from your busy life and the stresses that come with it can help you to reduce stress and unwind. You might not have the time to visit a spa when you are at home, so do it when you are on holiday.

To Set the Tone for Your Break

How many times have you said that you are going to have a relaxing break only to spend your whole trip running around, rushed, and just as stressed out as you are at home? Find out more about the treatments on offer, and head to the spa for some TLC and you’ll set the tone for the rest of your break. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to relax and perhaps find it easier to chill out for the rest of your break. 

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To Leave Work Behind

Many of us spend the first half of our holiday thinking about work. We might check emails or even call the office. We look forward to having some time off, but then when it comes, we struggle to switch off and get out of our working frame of mind.

To Get Time to Catch Up

We can live in the same house as someone and still find that with work schedules, kids, friends, and other commitments, we struggle to find the time to have proper conversations or spend more than a few rushed minutes catching up. Head to the spa with your travel companion, and you can really catch up. You could even use the rest to make plans for the rest of your trip.

To Attend to Any Aches and Pains

Do you ache? Many of us are struggling with aches and pains in our muscles and joints. Working at a computer or on our feet can be terrible for our posture, and without the time to stretch or exercise, it can be hard to strengthen and restore. While a spa trip can be relaxing, treatments can also help you to deal with aches and pains and remove tension from your body. 

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To Give Your Skin Some TLC

Our skin suffers in normal life too. Wearing makeup every day, being surrounded by pollution, and never having the time to stick to a detailed skincare routine can mean that our skin is sore and dry. It might be flakey and red, or greasy. A visit to the spa can be a great way to restore balance, deal with problems, and give your skin some love.

Because Flying is Hard on Your Body

Long haul flights put a massive strain on our bodies. You might spend the first few days of your trip recovering from the journey. A spa trip in the early few days can be a big help.

So You Don’t Go Home Feeling As Though You Need a Holiday

How often have you gone home from your break feeling like you need a holiday to recover? We spend our breaks trying to fit in as much as we can and bookend it with stressful travel that puts a strain on our bodies. We arrive at home with tons of washing to do, and most of us return to work within a day or two, feeling more tired than we did when we left.

While starting your trip with a spa visit can be great, spending the last day at the spa can mean that you get a chance to recover and that you return home feeling rested and ready to hit the ground running.


  1. I love having a spa to help relax and chill out when on holiday!!


  2. I totally agree, a spa is the perfect way to shut off and chill out, holiday or no holiday.

    I think i might try and get one booked soon, this post inspired me x x

  3. I could really do with a spa day. The only problem we have when going on holiday, is that the kids are with us, so we need to try and squeeze it in

  4. I agree with you completely, a spa session is the perfect way to unwind for sure x

  5. This is so true! The most relaxed holidays I’ve had have been when I’ve been lucky enough to visit a spa.


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