5 Ways to get your home ready for winter


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If you haven't already heard the news that the UK is apparently going to have the coldest Winter for 30yrs this year! Yes, apparently we are going to be hit with another Beast from the East around January time according to a long-range weather forecast. While we can't really depend on such long-term predictions and if you live in the UK you will know that the weather changes pretty much on the hour but regardless our winters do seem to be getting colder year on year and now is the time to start getting your home ready for the deep freeze.

Getting your home ready is all about putting preventatives in place so that you save money, not spend it and you don't have to be a DIY guru either, just some elbow grease and common sense is key when it comes to home maintenance. Here is a list of essentials you really need to find time before the winter season starts.

1. Clear your gutters and drains - not the most exciting or favourite of chores to do but an essential one none the less and again this simple task can end up saving you a lot of money. The main reason for clearing debris such as leaves and mud out of your gutters and drains is to stop a build-up that may block the drainage and cause a leak and affect your roof and walls.

2. Check all windows and doors for leaks - we should be doing this about twice a year and it only takes a couple of minutes and can really help to prevent heat loss as well as reduce the chance of damp or water damage. You need to check the weather-stripping around the windows and door frames for any wear and tear and replace where necessary.

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3. Get your boiler serviced - an annual boiler service is something we really shouldn't overlook and I can tell you this first hand after our boiler broke down 2 weeks before Christmas, while it was snowing (and freezing) and we couldn't get anyone out to fix it for weeks - cue borrowing lots of electric heaters from friends, no fun at all. You need to make sure that you get your serviced checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and should cost around £72. You can find more impartial advice about this on the Which website.

4. Swap out your bedding - the main thing you want to focus on is keeping warm for less and one of the easiest ways to do that is have summer bedding and winter bedding with a higher tog. Winter is the time to get the thicker duvets and throws out the cupboard and make your bed a cosy retreat for those colder days.

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5. Have proper fitting blinds - having the right type of blinds, preferably custom-fitted and professionally installed can trap a layer of air between the window glass and fabric and thus helping keep the natural heat inside and using less energy in your home. Roller blinds or Roman blinds can over a more solid cover than Venetian or slats and offer a stylish alternative to thick curtains while still retaining heat.

Other simple ways to keep warm and cosy during winter in your home is of course to layer up, wear more jumpers, thick socks and keep warm with blankets on your couch alongside a hot drink. Taking a nice long bath is always a good idea as well as putting rugs down on cold surfaces such as tiled or laminate flooring.

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  1. winter proofing is everything, to keep the heat inside - when it's nice and warm in the house, everything feels better.

  2. We are working on this right now. I’m still a bit on denial about winter but it has to be done

  3. Great tips, especially about the boiler service. We had years with a dodgy boiler and it's awful when it breaks down in winter. We always make sure to service ours now we've moved.

    1. Yes we have had issues with our boiler in the past and it's no fun

      Laura x


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