Your Childs Vision & Ways to keep their Eyes Healthy


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My eldest having fun with my glasses.

When we think back to school we think new shoes, lunch boxes, books and getting those basics sorted and covered but there is one other thing we should be prioritising as well and that is a regular eye test especially for children over the ages of 5.

It's so easy to forget or just not list it highly on our to do list but one really should especially as having good vision has a huge positive impact on a Childs learning and development. It's also interesting that up to 90% of parents do take their children for regular immunisations yet we seem to not feel the same when it comes to eye health according to research done by laser eye surgery specialists Optegra.

I have to hold my hand up to this too, despite the fact both John and I wear classes we were slow on the uptake when it came to getting our eldest sons eyes checked and thinking about it now there really wasn't a good reason for this as it's hardly takes anytime and the test is simple, quick and free and while the majority won't have any issues, parents will feel reassured either way after a trip to the Optometrists.

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There are a few signs that your child is struggling with their vision and the best thing to do is simply pop down to your local Optometrist and make an appointment - here are a few

1. Your child is sitting very close to the TV
2. Your child is struggling with school work or reading
3. Is complaining of being unable to see the whiteboard in school properly
4. Is squinting, straining or eyes not moving together
5. Has fallen behind at school

Once you have visited your local eye specialist and you know the score there are also three key ways to ensure excellent eye health.

1. Food is Life

The food we eat is so important, especially for growing children and our eyes also depend on certain vitamins and nutrients to work as efficiently as possible. Eating the rainbow as they say so important and you should get everyone in the family to aim to get their 5 a day with foods such as melon, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, eggs and wholegrain are all packed with eye-friendly nutrients.

2. The great outdoors

Kids love being outdoors and not only is it fun but has a positive impact on so much of our lives from fitness and health to our mood and research has also show that time spend outdoors is beneficial in helping prevent myopia or short-sightedness in children. Try and aim for a little bit of outdoor time as a family each day as it's something you will all benefit from.

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3. Make a visual stimulating environment

Did you know the your eyes continue to develop from birth right up until the age of eight meaning that visual development and stimulation within the home and outdoors is really important. If you have a baby or toddler there is a reason why high contrast toys and mirrors are the perfect choice for little ones as it gives their eyes something to try and focus on. For older children find a few games that involves hand-eye coordination such as building blocks, lego, reading, puzzles and also kicking or throwing a ball.

It really is so easy to make sure you take the steps for your children to have optimal visual health and there is no excuse to have an eye test as they are free for anyone under the age of 16 and you also get an optical voucher should your child need classes. An annual eye test is certainly something you should put down alongside getting new shoes for school and it really doesn't cost you a thing.


  1. What great ideas to keep eyes health - especially our sweet littles. Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Yeah it's really important and often overlooked, Thanks for stopping by

      Laura x

  2. My children are both obsessed with getting their eyes tested thanks to an episode of Topsy & Tim.

    1. Haha at least they are keen to go and get it done!
      Laura x

  3. Which reminds me, Isaac is due for an eye test. It is something we keep an eye on here as one of mine had a lazy eye and has very poor vision

    1. Ahh thats good to know your on top of it, it's so important to get them tested
      Laura x

  4. Excellent tips .Children need a balanced diet and good eye routine too I feel.


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