Spring in Cardiff outfit Post


So even though it is bitterly cold you can start to feel the change in season...spring is on it's way, the days are slowly getting longer and sun is making more and more appearances. I cannot wait for summer this year...I have so many things planned, but I am going to put my plans to paper otherwise I forget and end up going to the same coffee bars and the same galleries, but this summer is all about exploring the local area as there have been a flurry of new boutiques and antique shops popping up so I need to get those thrifting shoes on and see what gems I can find. John and I had a lovely, if not cold, Sunday in Cardiff and finally got around to doing an outfit post.

John wears Nudie organic jeans, Penfield parker, St James jumper and Red Wing shoes

Laura wears Ben Sherman Jacket, Next Jeans, ASOS Belt, ASOS penny loafers, Vintage sunglasses, Mulberry Tote Bag


  1. I love these! Esp the first!

  2. Love the pink scarf with the dark ensembles. Totally stands out :)

  3. Changes in the season may affect your body as well. At least you're able to mix and match the outfit to your comfort.

  4. Have the right footwear. Look for clarks shoes for sale as well.


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