Why Colour Matters In Your Home And What Does It Mean?


I love all the pops of colour in this room (image)

There is no doubt that choosing the right colours can make a difference in your home. You can go for bright and bold colours, neutral ones, or dark ones that will make your bright furniture pop. For interior designers, choosing the colours is not merely matching what goes great together. Different colours have different meanings and there are certain colours that may be great for one room, but not so much for another room. Here are a few common colours and their meanings.

Simple monochrome and white interior inspiration (image)


The colour white represents cleanliness, coolness, simplicity, hope, and freshness. White can be used almost anywhere in your home. It can make a room feel larger than it really is and gives the sense of freshness. However, a stark white call can make a room appear drab so pairing it up with some black to create a monochrome look is also an option to add an extra dimension. In addition, white interiors are more difficult to maintain, as dust and dirt can easily be spotted.

Green is perfect for a bedroom (image)


Green is the colour of healing, life, growth, money, and safety. Green is easy on the eyes, but it is quite difficult to get it right when it comes to interior design. The best way to use green is to have different shades of it in one place. The colour is ideal for bedrooms, as it promotes health and tranquillity. It is also great for kitchens and living rooms, as it can alleviate stress.

How amazing are these stairs (image)


Red is the colour of passion, excitement, and energy. It is a powerful colour that can be used in the dining room, or living room. It’s a good choice if you want to have excitement or stimulate energy. For instance, if you have a game room or entertainment area in your home, red would be a good colour to decorate the space. In some cultures, red is a lucky colour, too!

I love all the different shades of blue (image)


Blue represents peace, tranquillity, integrity, calmness, and confidence, which is why it’s an ideal colour for bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms. The colour is also said to lower the heart rate and the blood pressure as well. Blue creates a calming atmosphere and you can use the colour for your walls. Another idea is to cover your bed from the Divan Bed Centre using light blue sheets to help you relax.

Yellow is such a happy colour (image)


Yellow represents cheerfulness, energy, warmth, and friendliness. It is ideal for dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and small spaces in the home. Yellow can add a bit of sunshine to a room, but designers suggest not using it as the main colour as you will either love it or hate it. If you love the colour and you don’t live with anyone else in your home, go for it!

These are some of the basic colours that you can use for your home. Of course, you can always mix-and-match the colours and make combinations that will work for your style and for the interiors of your house. It is good to know what these colours mean, so the next time you design or renovate your home, you will know what works best for each room in your house.

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  1. I am a fan of white, definitely. We painted pretty much our whole old house white before moving, and am now slowly turning this one white. x

    1. I know just what you mean - I am like that too...even the furniture is getting a coat of chalk paint now

      Laura x

  2. Colour makes such a huge differnece to the house doesn't it? Most of my house is white now, and I can add pops of colour with accessories - though I do love my sunshine yellow kitchen!

    1. Thats what I love - white with pops of colour :) Your kitchen sounds wonderful - love yellow

      Laura x

  3. I like all the colours...let me see, we have orange in the kitchen, green in the living areas and yellow in our bedroom. The bathroom is just multicolored ha ha!!

    1. Wow thats great - would love to see some pics of your bathroom Kat :)

      Laura x


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