Sunday Vibes


Breakfast inspiration (images via Pinterest)

I have always been and forever will be a huge fan of breakfast, it truly is my favourite meal of the day so why not take some time over making it little special? To me Sundays are all about homemade pancakes with some apple compote or waffles with slice banana or a fresh berry smoothie. Ive also started a beautiful breakfast pinterest board in honour of my favourite meal time. How do you like to start your Sunday?


  1. Oh I would love to start it in a similar way, I can see it in the future hopefully but right now they start at 5am with me trying to keep 3 really naughty, arguing kids quiet followed by noone wanting to eat anything other than toast as they are not willing to try anything else.

    I must try waffles, the hubby and I love Brioche Toast roll ups, with cinnamon and strawberry xx

  2. My sunday's- my only day off- is when I shoot for my blog and then I plan the week ahead. Smoothies sound great though.

  3. I love to start my weekend mornings with an epic breakfast. Those waffles look divine!


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