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Street Style Sunday - Summer showers

Its ben sunny most of the week but the moment you want to take some photos it rains..of course but at least it's warm and it's so nice to finally be out of thick jackets and enjoying wearing more summery clothes. I am also slowly starting to get back down to my normal pre-pregnancy size but in the meantime I have been picking up a few things from H&M including this Organic Conscious striped t-shirt also paired up with a H&M skirt, Wallis boots and Dents bag.

I have also acquired my new favourite necklace which I am sure is going to be in lots of future outfits posts - it's from JewelStreet - a really amazing online jewellery store which stocks some amazing pieces from a variety of small and large jewellery designers with this one from Anchor & Crew, nautical inspired jewellery handmade in Britain. As you know we love to support local and homegrown talent on the blog and I really cannot say enough about how beautifully made this necklace is and would be perfect for not myself as well as John as it's simplicity of design makes it's a great unisex option.

It's also presented in a wonderful nautical tin and would make the perfect present for someone special in your life. The capture the feel of casual luxury and all the products are handmade by local craftsmen. Perhaps it's simply because I have a major soft spot for the seaside and naval history which is why I love it so but like I said it's my new favourite piece of jewellery.

What has been inspiring you this past week? Why not come and share your style or inspiration with Street Style Sunday


  1. It's tricky isn't it when it's warm but wet, I get a bit confused about what to wear! I love the necklace, it's very sweet. Thanks for hosting! xx

  2. Gorgeous flirty little outfit, you're looking good kid. The colour really suits your skin tone x x #StreetStyleSunday

  3. Such a cute outfit, I love the colour of the skirt. Difficult to figure out what to wear when it's rainy but muggy isn't it? xx #StreetStyleSunday

  4. I love that necklace. That hat goes really well with your outfit too x

  5. It's so hard to know what to wear in this weather isn't it?! This outfit looks great though, and I love the necklace. But of a soft spot for anything nautical:)


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