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Protect Your Pets this Winter

Okay seriously how cute is this cat flap! (image)

Many humans dread the winter; it’s cold, wet and dark. A lot of pets are no great fans of this time of year either; many have to spend a lot of time outside, most still need that energising walk and many have to live outside through circumstance. However, it doesn’t need to be a miserable season for our furry friends. Follow these tips to protecting your pets over the winter period.

Could you be any more cosy this winter than a cat in tartan (image)

Be Cautious with Salt

Frosts, ice and snow mean that salt will be put down to make the pavements and roads safer for human travellers. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be corrosive to the foot pads of pets and in turn irritate the mouth when they lick their feet. Purchase protective shoes for your dogs to keep them safe from this risk.

Be Careful of Winter Poisons

Fluids like anti-freeze which are important to us for the frosty commutes are deadly poisons to animals as well as children. Be careful with any spills and keep such products out of reach of your vulnerable family members. For more information on products which are harmful to your animal, go to the Animal Welfare Foundation website.

Give them plenty of food and water

Your pets require more energy in the winter to keep warm therefore it is vital that you ensure that they have plenty of food and water to keep their energy levels up. Also, opt for plastic rather than metal food and water bowls as there is a danger of their tongue sticking to the metal.

Let Them Spend as much Time Indoors as Possible

If the temperatures drop too far, allow your pets to spend the time indoors. If it is unavoidable for them to be outside, invest in a vest or jacket for your dog or cat for when they are exposed to the elements. Frostbite and hypothermia are a real threat to cats and dogs so areas such as exposed skin, paws and ears should be protected.

Protect outdoor Pets 

If your dog is a strictly outdoor pet you must ensure their shelter is dry and draft-free and is the right size allowing for their body to heat the space but large enough for them to lie down and sit comfortably. The floor of the home should be raised an inch or so off the ground and there should be straw or shavings for insulation.

Mr A & Sam are best friends, we'd be devastated if anything happened to our dear family pet

Help Other’s Pets

Keep an eye for other pets in your neighbourhood who may be having a hard time over the winter period. There may cats without owners who need your help – take into account some of the previous points here when you see them.

Keep an eye on their general health

Winter can compound your pet’s ailments. You can get practically anything you need for your pets health from upset stomach prevention to flea treatment at Vet Medic.

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  1. Great post with great tips and adorable photos! I have 3 cats and will be making sure they stay indoors in this cold weather!

  2. I never knew you could buy shoes just for dogs!

  3. I don't even have a cat, but I want that cat flap. Adorable, like a "magic elf door" for pet people.


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