Colourful and culture inspired kitchen trends


stylish kitchen
I love the bold lettering in this kitchen (image)

This season’s must have kitchens are all about individuality. Rather than following the same two or three trends, they’re taking inspiration from all around the world, drawing on diverse cultural ideas in order to create environments that are both traditional and - in context - distinctly unusual. These are some of the most popular options, but you should make them your own.

terracotta walls
I love all the pattern and terracotta in this Moroccan kitchen (image)

North African 

Looking at the Mediterranean from the other side, this is about terracotta floor tiles, white or cool coffee-coloured walls and lots of natural wood. Traditional wall hangings can be a bit unsafe in kitchens but you can find vivid African art prints in colours that will really brighten up the room. Add some tall kitchen stools dressed with bold Moroccan patterns or animal prints, and use woven baskets for your fruit and vegetables. Rich earth tones combine beautifully with the copperware many people bought for their kitchens earlier this year.


A stylish Chinese kitchen contains elements of old and new. Red is the colour traditionally associated with good luck in China and many kitchens combine white walls with a red feature wall or glossy red units and bright steel worktops. Consider a traditionally printed screen (make sure it’s fire safe) to separate cooking and dining areas, and use Chinese character motifs associated with food on the walls. If you want to cook in a way that suits the room, don’t just get a wok, get a rice cooker.

Latin American

Vivid shades of blue, yellow and orange on the walls, Peruvian mosaic patterns in the tiling, and big, bold archways mean a Latin American style kitchen can really make a statement. Choose brightly coloured mix and match crockery for your shelves and brighten the place up with some flowers. Plain wooden worktops contrast with bright murals and plain tables are decorated with lace cloths and bowls full of colourful fruit.

traditional furnace
Traditional, wooden and cosy Russian kitchen with furnace (image)


A traditional Russian country kitchen combines raw wood, often with the bark still on it, with white walls, exposed beams and black iron cookware. This is brightened up by hand-painted wooden plates and bowls with classic patterns using red, black and gold. Distinctive chairs have heart-shaped backs with painted patterns on them, while simple checked cloths decorate the table. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner with caviar; so don’t forget the champagne flutes.


Thai kitchens make subtle but effective use of colour, with light blue, jade green and pale yellow the most popular options. An elegantly carved wooden table or chairs can make the most modest room look exotic, and small carved figurines add an unusual touch to your shelves, while lantern-style lampshades can transform the room into an intimate dining space in the evenings. Complete the look with a vase of delicate flowers—orchids are a favourite.

This type of kitchen design is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your own ethnic heritage, your family connections or places you have fallen in love with on your travels. It will add something special to your home.

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  1. My Fav is the Moroccan kitchen and I love the chinese pot and cups.

  2. I love that first kitchen with the LOVE sign - it's on my pinterest kitchen board too :)

  3. That teapot is so beautiful! We have a real mix of cultures going on in our home style. It's something I'm keen to blog about at some point.

  4. Oh I love that Russian kitchen...and the Moroccan one, gorgeous and really inspiring.


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