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Not Just for Oldies: Why You Should Buy a Motorhome

VW camper
Travelling in a Camper or Motorhome is a dream (image via Pinterest)

It may seem like a retiree thing to do, but buying a motorhome or camper van is a great idea for anyone. The ease of being able to travel wherever you want, whenever you want, is extremely appealing. Not to mention the time saved from waiting around at airports. If you love to travel, or have always wanted to, here is why you should buy yourself a motorhome.


A motorhome is so much more convenient than any other form of travel. As long as you don’t need to be anywhere quickly, and aren’t looking to cross waters, it’s a much more comfortable way to move around. You don’t need to worry about airports of dragging around luggage. You can relax in your own vehicle and go at your own pace.

inspiring motorhome
A beautiful refitted vintage motorhome (image via Pinterest)


There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep on a plane – unless you’re trapped between two random people. Transit can be frustrating, especially when all you need is a few hours of sleep. With your own motorhome it can be as simple as pulling over and sleeping when you feel the need. No uncomfortable aeroplane seats and no waiting around for three hours for your plane.

chic airstream
Beautiful and Chic Airsteam (image via Pinterest)

The Sights

Although plane travel gives you the convenience of getting somewhere quickly, driving can be a completely different experience. Yes, it takes a lot longer. But who’s to say that this is a bad thing? Driving through the countryside for a couple of days allows you to see all of the sights that are on offer. You can stop in to towns you’ve never heard of along the way. All of these things help to make your trip a more exciting and memorable experience.

To me there is nothing better than a road trip (image via Pinterest)


While travelling in a motorhome, the only thing you’re really going to be paying for is fuel and food. You don’t need to spend money on flights, which saves you most of the expense. You also save on hotels, another large fee. Your trip will be a lot more enjoyable if you’re not forking out a fortune.


Really, the best thing about travelling in a motorhome is the freedom. Regular travel has so many rules and regulations. You need to be at the airport by a particular time to be on the plane a few hours later. Once you’ve arrived at your destination you need to check in by this time and check out by that time. None of these things are an issue when travelling in a motorhome. You’re free to do whatever you want. You can set off in one direction and change your mind and turn around half way. It’s completely up to you.

travel together
Love this cute illustration (image via Pintererst)

Travelling in a motorhome is a completely different experience to flying. It’s more comfortable, more quiet, and really, more fun. If you’re looking to travel interstate or around the countryside, this is your best option. 


  1. great pictures! would be so much fun travelling in one

  2. Well, I never thought I'd say this but this post has left me wanting a motor home! Imagine the amazing trips you could go on, on a whim! For me that's the most tempting thing, that at any time you could just hop in the motor home, drive for a few hours and be somewhere new and on a mini holiday! x

  3. My OH keeps saying we should buy a motorhome. You certainly make a good case for it but I can't help feeling it is just glorified camping! I still need convincing!

  4. I would so love a motor home and a road trip across the states! x

  5. I'd LOVE a motorhome... we talked about selling up and living in one and travelling around... one day!

  6. Probably not the coolest thing to say (!) but when I was really young my parents had a caravan and we used to spend all the summer driving around France. We all loved it so much. I reckon a motor home would be better - you could just go anywhere, couldn't you? x

  7. I really want one! My OH converted a huge transit van into a camper when I was pregnant with Cherry, it was fab but we sold it. Def want another one x

  8. This is my dreams to travel across Europe in a camper can of some type the one you have photos of above looks amazing very luxurious!


  9. My parents bought a motorhome two years ago to celebrate their retirement. They're about to head off on their annual three month jaunt round Europe. Last year we borrow the motorhome to go to Brighton, I would never dare to drive it because it's huge, but my husband is made of braver stuff. It was such a great holiday with a toddler, I would definitely borrow it again if they'll let us ;) x

  10. I would completely DIE for a motorhome but seeing is I can't actually afford a car perhaps it should go on the back burner. I'd just love one.

  11. Oh, I would love a motorhome. I also imagine us having a ditty cool retro one and then remember we need space for 6 people lol. My mum has a caravan and we need to get out more in that x

  12. I've been lusting after an airstream for years, problem is Paul is so tall he wouldn't feel comfy in one. I would love the freedom it gave you though. x

  13. we basically lived in a static caravan for a few months, and i hated it! partly because of the situation that put us there. but a place that can move around and be travelled in is a completely different (and better) thing!

  14. I'm itching to go traveling and this post hasn't helped!

  15. They are pretty great. Our best friend's have a green VW campervan called Chester. :)

    We have made some great memories taking roadtrips and doing days out in Chester.

  16. I would love to travel in a motor home. Sounds amazing


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