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Jelly Jam giveaway - one for the kids

When it comes to kids animations and TV shows we are very careful on what we allow the little man to watch and it's heavily restricted with no TV during the week and only a few soft and friendly shows on weekends if it's pouring down outside or its been a long day and want a moment of calm. We tend to stick to things we know such as Abney and Teal, 64 Zoo Lane and his current favourite Dino Dan. Although now that he is growing up he wants something with a little bit more action but minus the aggressive undertones that we too often see in comic style cartoons so when we where asked what we thought of Jelly Jam - the colourful and action packed cartoon we thought we would check it out and found it entertaining, fun, fast moving but with values of friendship at the core and I could safely know that the little man would not be having any nightmares.

It's based around some friends who need to learn to live in harmony with there world and surroundings of Planet Jammbo - which happens to be the place or origin for music around the Universe. It also has some educational values as well and I was drawn to the originalist and creativity of the characters.

In our house we believe in everything in moderation and this seems like something that will satisfy the little mans need for a bit more action and colour that perhaps is lacked a bit in things like "In the night Garden" and this is a fun and friendly step up with a little bit more music and noise.

The lovely people at Jelly Jam have also offered one lucky reader and amazing prize of a 18cm Rita, 25cm Gooma, A musical Dodo and Radio Goomo DVD

It super easy to enter via the rafflecopter and is open to UK residents

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  1. My fav was button moon.
    S hurrell

  2. Fragile rock. I have the theme tune as my ring tone and I sit with my boys and watch episodes on YouTube.

  3. Christine shelley12 March 2014 at 10:26

    Top cat

  4. The Moomins i used to love them and the set :)

  5. Tom and Jerry! still love the old ones now! x

  6. The Banana Splits - mainly for the theme tune, which was amazing....TRA LA LA

  7. TOM AND JERRY X maria blythin

  8. louise e bennett18 March 2014 at 19:07

    button moon

  9. I loved Jem and the Holograms :)

  10. Thundercats

  11. I used to love The Jetsons.I can still sing the theme tune....'meet George Jetson...' I won't subject you to my terrible singing :-)


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