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5 top holiday destinations for spring & how to prepare to travel

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Spring is here and that means it’s time to start planning holidays in the sun. Hot destinations for the season include resorts in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the United States. We take a look at five of the best destinations and how to keep your cool in the springtime sun.


While the UK may be gradually becoming warmer, things are already hotting up in southern Spain. Andalusia has everything a sunseeker or adventurer could want – glorious hot days, bright blue skies, beautiful countryside and sparkling clear seas. Go a little off the beaten track to find peaceful villages where you can take life at your own pace or join the fun at some of the liveliest resorts in the Med.

Beautiful Seville in Andalusia (image via Pinterest)


One of the most beautiful and exhilarating islands in the Mediterranean, Crete is a wonderland for nature lovers. Go in early or mid-spring to experience wildflowers in colourful profusion across the island. With its rich historical legacy, the island is also great for cultural buffs to explore. It’s warm enough to really feel the sun sinking into your bones and winter will feel a million miles away.

Crete beaches
Breathtaking beaches in Crete (image via Pinterest)

Canary Islands

While southern Spain may indeed be pushing the thermometer in the right direction, the sea doesn’t really get hot until later in spring. Earlier in the season, you may want to strike further afield and head to the Canary Islands. Explore the beautiful gardens and landscapes of Tenerife or lay back and enjoy the sun-seared sands of Lanzarote or Fuerteventura. 

Paradise in Tenerife (image via Pinterest)


Few locations can compete with the powder white beaches of the Florida coast. If you’re looking for a spot in the sun that features top bars and restaurants, fantastic nature reserves and heaps of fun activities, then Florida could be for you. Head to the southern beaches for tranquillity or the theme parks of Orlando for family fun and excitement. 

Palm trees
The Iconic Palm Trees of Florida (image via Pinterest)


Barbados has all the elements of a beach holiday, with golden sunlight, sapphire blue skies and lush tropical scenery. Relax under palm trees or take a cruise on the peaceful aquamarine waters. You can swim and snorkel among colourful sea life and experience the exquisite cuisine and vibrant cultural offerings of this island country. 

beach luxury
Could you sum up relaxation any more than in Barbados? (image via Pinterest)

Preparing for your holiday

A holiday in the sun is just the thing for fun and relaxation. It’s only natural to want to look your best whether you’re on the beach or sipping a cocktail watching the sun go down, and a little preparation beforehand can get your skin in tiptop condition.

Many people face the dilemma of how to get that natural sun-kissed look before leaving for their destination. After all, no-one wants their snaps to show pale sallow faces or red burned arms, shoulders and legs. It’s possible to use a sunbed to get some colour, but most beauty experts would argue that it is far better and safer to use a fake tan product to get some colour. There are many options on the market. Widespread are DHA-based products which cause a chemical reaction in the skin surface, leading to a temporary golden colour. Other products include bronzers, in various forms such as sprays, powders, moisturisers and even dry oils, which can be used to top up a tan as well as by themselves.

Don’t forget to take a good moisturiser on holiday, both to look after your tan and keep your skin soft and hydrated in the sun. Other essentials include baby wipes, a light cleanser and your favourite make-up products.

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  1. Florida is in my places to go list :) looks amazing.

  2. Some places there I can only dream about! We are having a trip to Florida next year which I am really looking forward to!

  3. I would love to go to the states but I think Paul want's to go to Crete this year. With that photo you might have just persuaded me! x

  4. i'm not a person that likes being in the sun, or being too hot at all ..but this is making me want to travel! i'd love to go to sicily, as that's where my mums family is from (though i'm not close to them) and i think it'd be a fantastic place to visit.

  5. Ooh, they all look lovely. I can dream...

  6. oh gosh now I really really want to go on holiday! x

  7. Coming from Trinidad and Tobago (and always feeling like we need to holiday there because my family and friends are out there) I always feel a little odd about sun, sea and sand destinations. That said, I now want to visit all of these places - except Barbados. Already been.

  8. I haven't been abroad for years, would love to go back to Greece one day though :)

  9. This has made me desperate for a holiday! I love Crete, and all the Greek Islands, I used to spend all my childhood Summer holidays visiting different ones, there are so many! x

  10. So many gorgeous destinations! Not sure where we will end up this year, but more likely to be Cornwall than abroad I think, maybe next year!

  11. All great destinations! We're back to Orlando this year for some family fun time and a chance to be a kid again!!

  12. I haven't been abroad since my honeymoon 7 years ago!! I am craving travel but we are having another staycation this year x

  13. Florida is my favourite holiday destination, I am hoping to visit Miami and the keys in the future. It has an amazing climate, great beaches and lots to see and do

  14. I love the places you mentioned because they are not all on my radar, but are now. I also love that so many people from the UK go to seems like the number one destination for Brits. Thank you for linking up for Travel Tuesday! x


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