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Trends You Will Find in New Homes of 2014

Rustic Kitchen
Beautiful and simple Cottage style kitchen (image via Pinterest)

Homes being built in 2014 will feature environmentally-friendly design principles, like floors made from sustainable materials, to reflect growing concerns about climate change. They will also be designed to make the smartest use of space. The other big trend in home design in 2014 is the attention to creating luxurious and large master suites.


Furniture and colour designs will feature metallic elements this year. Copper is particularly popular. Browse online at A-Mart to find ways to add a touch of metallic to your home d├ęcor.

chic kitchen
Beautiful exposed copper pipes add some serious chic to the home (image via Pinterest)

Greener than Ever

Green building principles and materials will become even more popular this year as housing designers and builders work to appease the environmental sensibilities of todays’ eco savvy home buyers. Environmental legislation is also being imposed on the building industry and new home builders are receiving rewards for choosing environmental options. Smart innovations like triple glazed windows and LED lighting are on the increase.

Hot water systems are more likely to be energy saving gas systems. Gas systems only heat the water being used, unlike traditional electric systems that keep a whole tank of water continuously heated. Gas hot plates are popular too. You can cook two meals on gas with the same amount of energy used to make one meal on an electric hot plate.

Smart Space Savers

Open living floor plans are popular as they allow for a much more efficient use of space than small rooms connected by hallways. Appliances are sleeker and more streamlined.

Chic living room
Large open living room space - my dream (image via Pinterest)

Master Suites

Master Suites are becoming more luxurious as people spend more time at home due to save money. Master suites can even feature a spa room, an area with a spa bath or steam room, creating a place to unwind and reenergise after a hard day at the office. Master bedrooms are big and beautiful.

Guest-rooms are also becoming a feature of new homes as fewer people are choosing to stay in hotel accommodation, preferring the more economic option of staying with friends and family. Families are more likely to be housing their adult children or aging parents too, so guest areas are becoming increasingly important.

Natural bathroom
I love this simple and chic master suite (image via Pinterest)

Sustainable Floor Coverings

Corn is now being used to create carpet. The corn is spun to make fibres that look and feel fabulous, very much like traditional carpet. The big difference is that corn carpet can be dissolved in a non-toxic solution when it is discarded, whereas disused nylon carpets just grow landfill.

Renewable Floors

The trend in flooring is renewable materials like bamboo and cork. These materials look great and wear very well. Bamboo is a wonderful sustainable material as it grows so quickly and is very robust. The difference in the time it takes to grow a stand of bamboo compared to a stand of trees is massive and shows why it makes such a great flooring product. It is important to check on manufacturing processes though as some less scrupulous companies use formaldehyde to process the bamboo.

chic living space
Stunning Bamboo flooring (image via Pinterest)

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  1. really liking that exposed copper piping! can't wait till we can have our own 'proper' home. won't be happening for a while though!

  2. The large open living room and the sustainable country kitchen are my dream spaces too :)

    Amrita @

  3. I really like these pictures and love how nowadays it can be possible to mix the system, sustainability, but also great design together. Having natural materials is definitely something want to do in my own house one day.

  4. love the kitchen, and those floor tiles in the bathroom! perfect

  5. I love large open living spaces, my dream house would be like that x

  6. dreamy homes (pinned most of these!) and some really interesting tips!

  7. We'll be moving house in the next couple of months, so I'm obsessed with kitchens at the moment, I can't wait to choose my own. x

  8. That bathroom pic just makes me even more obsessive about re-doing ours! It's going to be a long time yet but I'm dreaming...

  9. Pretty much love all of the pics in this post! I love large open plan spaces and copper, I'd love to think when we get our own place we'll make it stylish and eco friendly x

  10. Amazing designs and ideas for new homes. I loved it. thank you for sharing these ideas with us.


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