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Parties and Puppy dog tails

So I cannot believe Arthur is going to be two in September - where has the time gone? It's a strange thing seeing seeing your child go from a tiny baby to walking, running, talking and being a cheeky individual. We didn't really have a theme for his 1st birthday, it was more a gathering of friends with lots of home made healthy food, drink and laughs. This year however we would like to have a bit of theme to the day and we have not completely decided but it looks like we are going to go with a little indians theme. I came across some amazing inspiration on pinterest

Party pinterest

blue ballons

horse cookies

Little indian party

On another one of Arthur's favourite topics and our family favourite pet - Sam. We where approached by Pedigree and asked if we would like to take part in the Joint care play again program since Sam is getting on (10 human years) and is starting to suffer from arthritis so when we where more than happy to to take part and see if after 6 weeks the Joint Care sticks made any different to his stiff joints. We have put together a very cute short film of Sam's first 3 weeks on the program and so far things are going really well. You can follow Pedigree on twitter. Here is the little video

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