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Scarlett and Snow

Firstly just want to say thank-you to Guardian Cardiff for mentioning my blog on their site, you can check the little blurb here, aswell as links to other great Cardiff based bloggers.
Soooo another very cold day in the old UK, atleast I am not up in Scotland (although Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities ever!!!) as they have been bit really bad with the snow. I am not use to these sort of temperatures, I am very much a warm weather person. I was going to venture outside today but when I got to my car the doors has frozen shut, I eventually managed to wedge them open but the windows had frozen up on the inside! So instead I decided to stay wrapped up indoors with a cup of tea and Greens and Blacks dark chocolate, yum yum. That's where I cam across my fashion inspiration for today - Scarlett Johansson. It must be hard to be so beautiful, be able to act, sing and be married to Ryan Reynolds, I'm not envious at all. She is now the face of Mango, and love this black and white photoshoot, shot by the one and only Mario Sorrenti.

I am also in love with this song she did with Pete Yorn


  1. Hello,

    great blog, am following (:

    Of course I don't mind if you feature the ring, that would be great! You're lucky you aren't up in Dundee with our weather, it's -something crazy degrees up here!!

    Looking forward to reading more,

    Holly x


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