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Laptop love fashion

Yey my laptop made it finally made it back home after what was originally only going to take 48hrs to fix turned into more than 2 weeks, well that is the way of things I suppose. So it's nice to have photoshop back and just in touch with the rest of the world :). Anyway it's back just in time for when H&M goes live for online shopping. I sort of have a love hate relationship with H&M, they do have great stock pile clothes and occasionally you can find some really cool accessories, but in term of long-term investment pieces or clothes that you can wear season after season, maybe it's not the best place, but don't get me wrong they do have some great on-trend stuff and do interesting collaborations with designers and i will be checking the shop out on the 16th Sept :)

Another high-street trader to go online is GAP, I am not sure why it took these two retail giants such a longtime to hit the UK online shopping trade. Gap doesn't really take risks with it's clothes but they have some great seasonal staples Anyway I had a look at there stuff and picked a few of my favourites


  1. Hi,
    It's my first time on your blog and I like it a lot! interesting posts with beautiful and inspiring pictures! :)

  2. Love the trench! It's so perfect for fall!


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