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Current Obsessions

So there are some things I just NEED for the coming season and other things I just wish I had. For some reason I did not purchase any new sunglasses for summer, but I think it may be time to get some for winter. It may seem a strange thing - sunglasses and winter, but they are great protecting your eyes from chilly winds. Moving up and on from the wayfarer style I am in love with ROUND sunglasses - especially these Retro Super Future Lucia glasses.

I am also in love with all the new Autumn boots, I am looking forward to riding a bike on a crisp morning with little brogue boots on my feet.

So it's nearly the end of London Fashion Week and with New York Fashion week having wrapped up earlier in the month, there has been loads of new looks unveiled. Anyway I was very impressed with what I have seen online of TopShops Unique S/S Collection. they showed at this year LFW.

Last obsession is with local boutiques, even though Cardiff is small it has some great little stores - this weeks spotlight store is the Oxfam Boutique on St Marys street. They do a lot of re-invented clothing and get local fashion students involved to make one off pieces, it really is a great store and they are coming up to there 1st Birthday as well, which should be a night filled of fashion and fun.


  1. I'm right there with you on these obsessions! Those glasses are so cute and I love all of these classic yet chic shoes that are becoming popular! Fabulous post xoxo

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  3. I am loving those winter boots too! I always have a nose in that oxfam but as I think I have said before, I fins it very expensive for a charity shop, but it has given me some great ideas of DIY's I can do myself the tie headbands and making dresses from vests and mens shirts! Cute!

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  4. I love oversized sunglasses. And sunglasses are just as need in the winter as they are in the summer . . bright sun and snow can be blinding.

  5. The shoes with studs wer all great

  6. What wonderful obsessions you have - and such good taste, too. I must confess that I'm quite taken with the Brown Sun-shades - they are so chic! Have a nice weekend;-)

  7. you picked some great items, i love a new season...


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