Umbrella's and tights


So with all this rain we have been having it's got me thinking about umbrella's and how I really need to get a new one, something fun and different. I have always looked at umbrellas as simply a necessity but now I really want one as a statement accessory. I came across this wonderful designs to wet my umbrella taste-buds, although at the end of the day I rather it just be sunny.

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Another thing I cam across yesterday where this ridiculous pair of tights by the lux leg-wear company Wolford. Now I love tights, the more strange and interesting the better - but these to me are just plain ugly and what is worse they are being retailed at £199! I'm sorry but I would never pay £199 for these, I don't care if they are being sported by Cherly Cole of Fearn Cotton! I'm sorry but fridge, in this way, is sooo 1990's clubbing wear and not in a good way.


  1. What a lot of fun! My only qualm with umbrellas is that sometimes the wind and the rain ruin their festive hues. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    The Packers' Pied Piper...and a PIE!

  2. What an attractive post as ever....Carole.

  3. LOVE the yellow, pink, and orange umbrella! it rains so much here in ithaca that now you're making me think that i, too, think i need cheery umbrella! ;)

    and, yes, those tights are VERY deelight!!! ick.

  4. I love that brown umbrella. Great choices. Mine got destroyed in the Scottish winds yesterday, as did I.

  5. The umbrellas are hot...but alas I am haunted by a ghost that conspires to steal my cutest umbrellas every time I take them out of the house or else they run away never to be found again the moment I find myself stopping off somewhere for a coffee...


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