Music and Fashion Friday


So I just feel like I haven’t posted some music in a while....and music and fashion are soooo deeply connected it's impossible to ignore the influence they have one each other. My music tastes are always changing, depending on what mood I’m in. When fall comes I always seem to see myself drifting into day dreams of walking through central park with golden leaves on the floor listening to soft soul and light jazz and a touch of blues, but not today! I wanted something abit harsh, in your face, get me up in the morning, something alittle different to what I usually listen to. So I have come across three super stylish and individual ladies who are just doing there thing.

First is Santigold and I am loving her new song "lights out", I love all the outfit changes in the song and it's upbeat tempo.

Next is the super cool New Zealander LadyHawke

And last but not least is the new girl on the block Eleanor Jackson, one half of La Roux


Whether or not you like La Roux or the others, one thing for sure is they have a sense of style and individuality, the where what they want. 


  1. Hey there! Loving your blog!! I'm visiting over from SITS!

    I'll be back....

  2. Love this! I have a music and fashion post scheduled for later today too!

  3. My hubby is all about "seasonal" the fall it's all Pixies, Faith No More, Muse..."spooky music" as he calls it. ;)

  4. Wow... their style is DEFINITELY reflected from their music!! I never thought of fashion and music being very connected. But then again I haven't been into music lately...

  5. Great Song Choices...I love how each are so unique in both their fashion aesthetic and their music...La Roux is awesome though...

    Happy SITS day@

  6. Oooh nice! I'm always open to new music, regardless of the genre. Thanks for the introduction! I'm going to favorite these on my youtube account.

  7. i wish people would stop bagging la roux, i like her, would love to style a shoot with her xox

  8. hi. purushu here.
    u hd approached for exchanging links wid ma blog.
    style savvy
    i have already linked to your blog.

    message me bac when u link to mine.

  9. While I love La Roux, I hadn't seen any of their music videos until now. Wow, such great style! Thanks for posting!

  10. Thanks for the great music! Stopping by from SITS

  11. Heyy im glad somebody reads my blog! Follow mine please?! Yours is ace, you know your fashion. I thought id comment thispost as Ladyhawke is amazing, and her style is pretty ace.

  12. I do like Santigolds' music especially her single 'Say Aha' and her style is amazing.I would say that her style is a reflection of her music.


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