Hello Animal prints


(Photo courtesy of Capitol)

My sunday was soo lazy that I am only putting the post up today (Monday). So if you haven't noticed animal prints are back with a vengeance! For some reason whenever I think of animal prints the TV show "Married with children" pops into my head, and possibly not in the best of ways. I do like leopard, tiger and snake prints but just not too in your face or overdone. I am a more subtle accessory person and would opt more for a printed bag, shoes or scarf. I suppose though it all comes down to how you wear it, leopard print has deep roots in punk, so if your going for the edgy punky look it's a great accessory, or if your looking to make a statement with a well fitted coat but I personally am just alittle weary of coming across alittle bit white trash trailer park, but hey that look can go down a treat too, if that's what your aiming for heehee :P
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  1. Mmm... I love animal print. I've always liked zebra. I know, I know, it can easily look trashy, but I think it's the graphic nature of black against stark white, while having an organic flow to the stripes...

    But I'm biased. I can't wait to be the little old lady who wears trashy clothes and just doesn't care. :-)

  2. I agree, I cannot wait till I am older....it's all about the trash then. Great post


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