Juergen Teller and Marc Jacobs's Lola


Marc Jacobs lola

I am totally obsessed by this advert, I don't know what it is...it's simply drawing me towards this product like a moth to a light. Maybe it's the simplicity, the nude make-up, the youthful stare, the in your face bare documentary style that the German photographer Juergen Teller is so well know for. Besides doing the current Marc Jacobs adverts, Teller has photographed nearly everyone in the fashion industry from Kate Moss, Lily Cole,Sophia Coppola , Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood, aswell as Bjork just to name a small few. Here are a few selections of my favourite photographs from Juergen Teller.....

Sofia Coppola
Juergen Teller

 Juergen Teller
(All photo's by Juergen Teller)

Jurgen is the master of effective simplicity....I love his harsh flash and almost cheap looking shots - it's so bad it becomes so very good and that what I love about his photographes.

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  1. Juergen take's amazing photo's, really simple but you always know when it's him. I love his work....great selection you have here


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