Inspired by Black and White Fashion


Kate Moss

 Vogue photoshoot
(Photo's from Vogue Oct 2009)

Lilly Allen

 Pringle of Scotland
(Tatler Nov 2009)

It sometimes seems strange that one would use black and white in fashion since fashion can rely on colour so much, especially when making a statement. But then again black and white also put more emphasis on the designs, the style, the tailoring. It also can create a dark and mysterious or rocky and edgy mood and reminds us of the classic and chic styles of French Film Noir. Personally, sometimes I feel black and white works better, it's striking and simple and allows for one to see the clothes without distraction, also it can heighten the lighten effects and create better shadows.


  1. I agree. Sometimes I think clothes really should be in colour and benefit from it, but sometimes black and white is so chic. Like in those gorgeous Chanel adverts and the stunning Pringle of Scotland one.
    Particularly for portraits, black and white photography can be really beautiful. :)

    Florrie x

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  3. I love black and white fashion photography....I think sometimes it makes the clothes look alot post

  4. I love the black and white photos! Beautiful!


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