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Getting over the flu with a bold dash of colour

I do apologise for the lack of post's....I have unfortunately been bed-ridden for the past week with the worst flu of my life!!! You would think oh yey I'm in bed for a week I can surf the web on my laptop - oh NO, this is not the case when you have real flu, you literally cannot do anything. Now that I have summons the strength to become productive I felt like a serious burst of colour into my life and while paging through some old Harper Bazaars I came across this Photoshop by Nick Night and even though the shoot is about a year old, the leggings could fit quite well into this season's trend.

I am in love with these Vintage Stephen Sprouse tights from Cherry in New York and the Andrew Logan shoes. This outfit in effect shouldn't work because it has soo many statement items and alit of clashing patterns but there is still something appealing about it.

That woven  Girogio Armani bag is the most wonderful thing, except for the price of course and so are the Balenciaga shoes. I am really loving the huge oversized bangles

Bangles galore....ahh well I feel alittle bit better now - I have had my huge colour injection to keep me going through winter. I am such a staple colour person - love my blacks and navy's, I don't think I will be going this mix matched colourful but I am going to pair some bold's and blacks together.

All photo's by Nick Night


  1. Wow! Lovin this hot leggings!!!

  2. This editorial is lovely! Aw, I'm getting over the flu as well... or so I think. ha! Never went to the doc to check it out.

    very nice blog! found u over at FIB :) just started to twit-follow u


  3. Nick Night is so talented..
    these photos are amazing!!!


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