Gold platform


New Look 
I cannot get over these heels....for a few reasons being - I love them and want them and the colour combination of gold and purple is very is amazing but what is more interesting is that they are from New Look for only £40!! Which means I might have to get the.....the jumpsuit however is from "Sass and Bide" for £249 and the visor from Topshop.


  1. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous - I think Fiorelli did some really similar ones about two years ago, but not in that colour combo - they were tan and black instead. Not sure on the jumpsuit though - I have a few too many curves to pull it off!!

    Amy xo

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog - yes it's the Millenium centre in cardiff, I love it there! Love the little montages on your blog

  3. I agree about the jumpsuit....the only way to pull it off is too be super tall and thing like this reality would need a mega big bag of confidence. But still I do love the shoes


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