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Cosy interiors

Lovely warm country style living space (image)

We went camping this weekend with friends in West Wales, it was wonderful despite the ever changing weather that went for a clear sunny day and dry night to wind, wet and everything in between but with kids running in and out of tents, playing pillow fights and board games you couldn't of asked for a better weekend. All was well on the sleeping front as well - we packed thermals and have season 3 spring to autumn sleeping bags and stayed nice and cosy each night, except for the last when Mr A took it upon him self to push me off the airbed every hour. It made me think of lovely cosy interiors and with Autumn on our doorstep I feel inspired....

Lazy sundays spent here would be good (image)

Tea in bed and comfy pillows (image)
Could you get a cosier looking hammock? (image)


  1. I could live in this space! Absolutely perfect!

  2. It's certainly feeling autumnal here... I was sat knitting yesterday, looking longingly at our empty fireplace! trying to hang off a few more weeks though ;)

  3. I would love a lazy Sunday like in the first pic. All lovely cosy ideas for Autumn. x

  4. The top photo really makes me want to have a fire back! We had a coal one at our old flat, but just removed the horrible gas one from our new house and have the brick surround now. We were going to get a wood burner fitted but it's not really top of the list of priorities. Aah xx

  5. oh, i love 'cosy' photos. also, that blanket in the second to last photo (the red and beige one) is lovely!

  6. Those pics make me want to curl up all cosy with a nice hot cuppa!

  7. I want to move into this post.


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