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Dayre do Micro-blogging


So I feel really lucky and honoured to be chosen as one of 30 bloggers to become Alpha-seeders for 6 weeks during the Dayre launch, which is so exciting and I can't wait to tell you all about this easy to use and creative micro-blogging app.

So what is the Dayre app?

It's super fun and free micro-blogging app that has recently been launched. It has a similar feel to instagram and twitter but allows for so much more input and is perfect for those who are dying to say more than 140 characters or single photo. You pretty much document your whole day in a series of images, words, check-in's, video and even cute little stickers, pretty much like a visual diary that allows you to create a sort of story and narrative. Wether your into craft creations, healthy recipes, outfits, fashion and style or children's activities this is a great place to share with other users and find inspirations from others.

Dayre micro-blogging

I have only been using it for four days but it's super easy to use and is instantly addictive as I keep thinking to myself, wow this is like instagram with so much more, it's really is micro-blogging on the move, and can be used on any apple or android device. It's easy to comment on other peoples daily round ups as well as finding other similar Dayre users, hash tags also work on this app to help find what your looking for, so no need to learn a new way of searching for something.

My profile is laurasidestreet so please do come over and say hi, let's follow each other a grow this great app community together, it's free, fun and easy to use.

To download to iPhone or Android

I have been invited to test this app over the following 6 weeks along with 29 other bloggers and review the process in an honest way. This is a sponsored post but all words, thoughts and opnions  are my own.


  1. Ohhh sounds interesting!!

    Helen X

  2. Sounds interesting, might have to have a closer look :0)

  3. I've read already about it but still can not make my mind about it... I think I will have to try it

  4. I have downloaded this after reading quite a bit over the past week or so, I'm yet to give it a go though.


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