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12 Good Deeds of Christmas

One good deed

I think it's really important to not lose sight of what the festive season is all about (in a non-religious way that is). I personally use these times for person reflection and once should try and learn the real notion of gratitude, especially with events like the recent typhoon in the Philippines to put things into perspective. The festive season when it comes down to it is all about family, sharing and thinking of others, so I was more than up for the 12 Good Deeds of Christmas Challenge, hosted by Coca-Cola, even growing up on South Africa, the red truck coming down the snow laid lane is iconic to the festive period and with the new Shooting Stars commercial having hit our screens the focus is more about inspiring people to perform good deeds and random acts of kindness. It's not longer about us believing in Santa but about him believing in us.

Iconic Santa

The 12 good deeds of christmas are very simple, easy and don't take up much of your time even in this busy season so please feel free to join in with the challenge

1. Take sometime to stop and listen to Carol singers
2. Thank your bin-men, postman, milk man or paper boy with a surprise gift
3. Offer to be the designated driver on a Christmas night out
4. Surprise a loved one with a kiss under the mistletoe or a festive hug
5. Give someone a hand carrying there christmas shopping or luggage
6. Make your friends and family smile by wearing a silly christmas hat for a day
7. Pay someone a compliment they weren't expecting
8. Wish a complete stranger Merry Christmas
9. Surprise someone with a homemade christmas card
10. Hold a door open for someone
11. Reward good customer service with a thank-you note
12. Do your bit for the environment and recycle throughout Christmas

Some I do naturally such as the recycling, others need a tiny bit more effort to complete but I'm up for the challenge are you?

heart hand

Check out the new Shooting Star advert but Coca Cola - a really heart warming little video with Santa working hard to create a shooting star in his workshop, set to the backdrop of  sweet sound of an Elvis Presley cover. The shooting star acts as a catalyst for inspiring people to be kind such as letting your best friend take the wining goal or a father buying his son his first car.


  1. This is such a lovely post. We have a home filled advent calendar and each year I try to balance the fun activities with a few that are about giving to others. Loving your 12 things and look forward to using some of them with the kids this year! Thanks

    1. Hi Kelly
      Thats so nice to hear, it can sometimes be hard finding a balance around this manic time, love the home filled advent idea :)

      Laura x

  2. These are all brilliant good deeds. I do most of them anyway. But at Christmas time it's always nice to make a bit of extra effort to do these sorts of things :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Hi Louise

      Thats a lot like me - I do most although saying thanks to the bin men I haven't done in a while :)

      Laura x


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