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Easy shopping with Collect Plus

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Online shopping offers a wealth of advantages over shopping on the high street, especially if you have children. For one thing you can visit site after site to compare and contrast alternatives without ever having to move a muscle. It’s easy to search for price comparisons without trailing from store to store. You don’t incur any hidden costs such as parking or lunch when shopping from the sofa and you get to avoid the weekend crowds if you work during the week.

The disadvantage? Waiting for your items to turn up.

The thrill of buying new items can be quickly replaced by impatience when waiting for your goods to arrive at the door. Any online shopper will tell you there’s nothing worse than having to pop out before your package arrives and then returning home to find a note sitting on the mat saying your items were delivered and taken away again because there was no one home to sign for them. This has happened to me a few times since the delivery company gives such a rough time and having a family means you don't know where you are going to be from one hour to the next.

Isme have provided a clever solution to this common problem. For those of us who don’t want to ask the neighbours to sign for our deliveries or who simply don’t have a safe place to leave a package, Isme have a collect plus system.

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It’s a really simple idea - you order online and choose from one of 4,500 safe places in which to collect your items. If you order before 9pm you should be able to collect your items the next day and their collection points are open from early until late, seven days a weeks. A perfect solution for an individual whose lifestyle means they are never in one place for very long.
As a continuation of their service, Isme also allow you to return items in the same easy way, so if you’ve purchased something that doesn’t compliment you in the way you hoped or are the wrong shape or size, you can simply return them to the same place you collected them from – no fuss!

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