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Peace outfit and ELF eyes

So even though winter is almost here I still feel carefree and felt like wearing something alittle boho to lift the spirits as it gets colder. I am in love with this Topshop necklace and my new Deena and Ozzy brogues.

Wearing Levi's, Asos belt, Deena and Ozzy brogues, Next top, Topshop necklace, Retro Timex

Like some E.L.F

So whenever I think of winter and fall I think of ways to add alittle colour into your day, nothing too over the top but as the sun fades so does the natural colour in your face, that slight warmth that is created over summer days. I came across E.L.F - eyes lips and face makeup which have everything one needs to create alittle bit of sparkle to a dull day. I am lovin their 24K Gold collection and natural mineral label and would love to see an eye pallet or two in my stocking this christmas. They also do a professional range and have a really great blog full of tips but my favourite things is they have a step by step online guide to different looks which is great for me, as I do need some guidance when it comes to new looks, like the ones below.

Lovin this look

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