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Three simple things

Just a quick post about three little things take make me smile - for one - new shoes equal happy feet :)

The 2nd is my new salt and pepper shakers, they are like little hugging monkeys and make me smile every morning

Third is I love love love sushi and the last time I went it made me think of sushi inspired fashion and I found this ring - super cool.

What are three things that make your day?


  1. First of all I adore your shoes! (I am a nautical junkie by nature)
    The ring is to die for and the salt & pepper shakers are simply priceless.
    My three things..
    My blogging friends all over the world.
    My daily conversations with my sibling Debra.
    Caffeine in any form-preferably coffee or chocolate! :-)
    Have a lovely rest of the week lovely Laura, cheers!

  2. Your salt and pepper shakers are the bomb! yes i just said that, haha :)

  3. Love the shoes, and those salt & pepper shakers are adorable!

  4. Love that ring, so great!! and the monkeys! so cute!!

    Daisy Dayz Home


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